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Cause of the funny vid

It's okay I guess


YouTube stopped...... Wuuuut help fix its not my RAM Its not my cellphone its the app so please fix for 5 stars

Horizontal view

We need horizontal view



Need so many fixes.

1. Videos in-app often crashes, please just link it directly to YouTube instead. 2. Videos in-app 'resets' its bandwidth each time I switched to landscape/portrait. 3. No cloud backup for bookmarks, all gone everytime I switched to a new phone. 4. Not sensitive touch, hard to play a video. 5. Once accidently press X / swipe left, there is no way to undo that. Will have to restart the whole way again. 6. Suggestion: make the app just like it's desktop counterpart. It's 100x better than the app version.

Papa bless

Great moves 9gag, keep it up, proud of you.

Dosent play video



It got me hard

Like a boulder

Plz fix it

I have note 5 and when I'm trying to play something it's moves i have to click it 4 or 5 time to play it

Very funny

I cry out lout!

Hell yeah!

I love this app!

Too bad

The app crashes often , youtobe crashed too becsuse of it .Uses an old outdated video player youtube used long time ago , some videos won't work and will force youtube to crash ..if you tilt in landscape mode the video will restart , this app is still living in 2005 .


Almost complete

The ugliest app ever

I can't watch any video,i regret the time i've wasted on it

Videos are great. But the app sucks

Title says it all. The app crashes constantly, especially if I try to rotate my phone mid video. The is no way to go back once you skip a video without reloading the actual list. So many issues come on 9gag u need to make a new app ASAP

Keeps returning.

Good videos. But, it keeps returing from one categorie to other. I press "most popular", then watch a video and the when I come back, I have been somehow returned to "Latest". Also, the refresh but is okay, but it would be nice if app remembered the videos I have watched. Cheers.


Thiết kế không tiện dụng

They could do a better job. It lacks a lot of features

Awesome app. Love it

Great way to kill time :)

video player problem

the player always loading....can u make an option to choose ,to watch it using 9gagtv or youtube.


I like it..

Nice app. Bug while rotating.

When I rotate my device the playback doesn't adjust smoothly and gets restarted


Always great fun!!

Good but not user friendly

It keeps returning to the old post or category. Fix it. Pls!



App problem

Great app but there is no skip video button and that's one of the problem

YouTube integration not working!!!

Loved it

Hail procrastination,,!!

No comments section


Pinn Rajkitkuĺ

Good n enjoyàble

Nice app, But

I thought there would be a landscape player to play fullscreen. Else all the videos can be played via 9gag

So good

It's make me easy to find amzing video from youtube

Good app

Just one thing, i cant skip videos without rater it

Love it

And I'm loving it